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About Tieback Realty

  • Tieback Realty has 300 years of relevant experience in Real estate, Finance, Accounting and Law
  • Tieback Realty provides short term high yield investment opportunities in first position mortgages for operators who “fix and flip” homes. 
  • Additionally we develop residential and commercial properties. 
  • For operators in the real estate markets we provide capital market instruments to help them reposition properties or portfolios. For example: Bridge financing, term loans, and hard money loans.


  1. Our approach distinguishes us – Our approach is focused solely on institutional and / or sophisticated investors that are under-invested in real estate based on their portfolio diversification criteria. This is a main point of difference between us and our competition.
  2. Our experience spans 300+ years – We have substantial experience in all the key disciplines needed to execute our business plan including: (1) real estate development, finance, brokerage, management, due diligence, and underwriting and (2) investment fund management, reporting and analytics.
  3. Our industry relationships reflect our experience – We have the necessary relationship in the real estate industry built up over years to generate institutional quality deal flow that will attract our targeted institutional investors.
  4. Our technology plan distiguishes us – Our plan is to automate every process in the transaction life cycle to create radical new efficiencies. We are identifying opportunities to file for intellectual property protections.

Tieback Realty Team

with 300 years of relevant experience in Real estate, Finance, Accounting and Law
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